About GAIT

Headquartered in Singapore, GAIT Global is a Technology Company specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Systems and Green Project Analytics.

We believe that we can generate real impact on the planet through our technology and are all about adopting a data-driven approach to enact true change.

We aim to use our technology to create an accurate, transparent, verifiable and consistent standard for Green Projects and help catalyse the Global Green Market to reach the next level.

Our Story

We want to become the world’s premier standard for green measurement and green projects. 

A Global Company

We are a group of people around the globe passionate about the environment and passionate about technology. Urgent action is needed to mitigate climate change and we know that we can use our technology to make an impact right now.

We have a Vision

A Bluer Sky and a Greener Planet. We want to help Green Projects thrive by making a tangible, transparent, and impactful change. The planet needs our help and we all need to make a change right now, help us make that change.

Our People

Our team is made up of technologists who are passionate about making a positive difference to the environment. We have people situated across the globe and have brought together some of the best minds to tackle climate change.

What We Stand For

We want to make a real and tangible social impact and difference to the current Green industry. We need to address climate change and we need to address it urgently.

Real Technology. Real Impact.


Real Transparency

We value acting with integrity, and ensure that our actions are clear from start to finish.


Real Accountability

We acknowledge our role in the damage that has been done to our planet and we are accountable for making a difference.


Real Momentum

Our projects will always aim to make a tangible difference to our climate and its biodiversity with each step we take.


Real Net Zero

Carbon neutrality is our ultimate goal and we are endeavouring to reach it as soon as possible.


328 North Bridge Road, #02-20, Raffles Shopping Arcade, Singapore, 188719


Building the largest and most robust source of green data for FIs, Consultants, Auditors and Regulatory Bodies.


Unlock Nature-Based Solutions with our science and technology, delivering the highest level of integrity to Carbon Markets.