Our Technology

GAIT combines the world's best gas flux sensors with spatial data and AI- powered analytics to measure the real-time exchange of GHGs and optimise carbon MRV (measurement, reporting and verification).

The GAIT System is applicable across all area types and ecosystems including forests, bodies of water, urban environments and more. 


Based on science and world-class technologies, The GAIT System can produce measurements and results for all project types.

Real Time

The GAIT System can produce outputs up to a temporal resolution of 0.1 seconds 24/7. This means that our data is truly real time.


The GAIT System retains consistent accuracy and its real time edge whether the project is 1 hectare or 1 million hectares.

The Sensors

Carbon Flux Sensors

Manufactured in the United States, the Flux Sensors pick up gas-related metrics from a defined area with a 0.01% standard deviation.

The Spatial Data

Private And Public LiDAR & Hyperspectral imagery

Invaluable insights with metrics such as vegetation index, vegetation health, photosynthetically active biomass, the presence of pests and weeds, soil organic carbon, and more.


Proprietary Machine Learning Engine

Unparalleled processing power through GAIT’s AI/ML Engine that applies proprietary data-processing techniques to gain an unprecedented level of insights.


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Building the largest and most robust source of green data for FIs, Consultants, Auditors and Regulatory Bodies.


Unlock Nature-Based Solutions with our science and technology, delivering the highest level of integrity to Carbon Markets.